Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well. My first post.

Hello. The name's Ignatius Sir Pig, but you can call me simply Ignatius. If that's too hard for you to say, then, call me Iggy. But I do prefer Ignatius. You pronounce it - Ig-nay-shee-us. Got it?
I decided to start a blog because, well. Why not? I mean, I have to record my thoughts and experiences. Why not share them with other bloggers....? 
Or blog-readers. I get that since, most guinea pigs don't get to have the chance to use the computer, they may not read this blog. Sure, sure. But maybe a lucky pig or two gets to read this. Maybe. And if you are wondering why I'm using my owner's account,(see the 'view profile' thingeh) Well. I can't help that. It takes to long to create a new account for me, just ME, so therefore I'm just going to use hers. Don't mind her profile there. Okay?

This, is my cage. Ah, such a nice place. 

It's a bit messy inside. Okay...a lot messy. I like to hang out in my sleeping house. Just chilling in my plastic igloo thing. Get it? Chilling? In my IGLOO? 

We pigs looooove our igloos. They are nice houses and really fun to sleep in. Warm, too.

I'm really handsomely cute, I think, and my owner says I look chubby. I hope she means that in a nice way! But I really do get good exercise. It's just normal for pigs to look bulky. 

I have a cozy cat bed too. It's comfy.

Flipping over my house is great, because my owner grumbles at me and flips it back the right way. I flip it back. It's kind of a fun game. Mainly because she gets annoyed.

See me flipping over my house?

My bed is a nice place to just hang out and when it feels really warm out, my owner takes off that tan blanket on my cage and I like to sit on my house because the plastic feels nice and cool and plastic-y.

I think I'ma go now. I hear my person coming!

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